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Your Business is Unique…Your Marketing Message Needs To Be Also!

No One Else Is Talking About My 3 – Step Process That Sets Your Business Up For Online Advertising Success!

I Specialize in Supporting Local Business Owners With Digital Advertising!

I don’t “SELL” you anything… My goal is to support you in making better marketing decisions based on my decades
of experience while using strategies that have been proven to work for other business owners like you!

I genuinely want to support your business with getting your commercials online
using my proven 3 – part strategy!

All I am asking for is 15 minutes of your time to learn if together we can
improve your business’s marketing results!

Please understand my motivation comes from decades of my own effort to learn what works
while watching business owners like you become confused and overwhelmed trying to figure out
where and how to advertise their business on the Internet!

Why Should You Care About What I Can Do For Your Business?

Because I Do First Things First!

What Does That Mean?

If Your Business Is Not “Setup” Correctly To Advertise Online Your Fighting a Losing Battle!

My 3-Part Strategy Ensures You Are Setup To Advetise Online For Maximum Results!

If Your Website Is Not Up To Par… You’re Losing Business!

If You Do Not Manage Your Social Media Channels Correctly… You’re Losing Business!

If You Do Not Use Video To Deliver Your Marketing Messages… You’re Losing Business!

My clients stay with me year after year for a reason… because they love what I do for their business.

My goal is to have the opportunity to do the same for your business!

Take My Short Digital Marketing and Advertising Survey

I use software tools to analyze what your business has available for the search engines to find and how easy it is for your customers to find your business online.

That is where we begin the conversation, with the free reports that detail what you’re doing right and identifies the areas that need improvement!

Identifying the weakness will help you understand what you can do to improve your advertising campaigns!

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What My Clients Say…

I hired Rick to help me with my marketing efforts online and with my business facebook account. We opened up our new business in July 2014 and the only advertising we have done is with Rick. We are AMAZED at the RESULTS!!! We are packed every day at our Bistro Cafe. We had to purchase a buzzer system to keep up! Due to Rick’s efforts, many of our customers have found us online and through facebook all because of Rick’s expertise in “how to market a business online”…I would highly recommend Rick!!!

Wendy Ruby

Owner, Lady Bug Bistro & Cafe

I’ve known and worked with Rick Hesse for nearly 25 years. Why I continue to work with him is that he always stays current with online digital marketing trends. He often comes to me to let me know of the latest Google or Facebook changes and how he plans to keep my business current. I appreciate his knowledge and expertise in web design, social media management and video production to provide content and support where my business needs it most, freeing me to run my business with one less thing to worry about.

Roger Atherton

Owner, Maggie's Sewing Center

I have worked with Rick for many years now and have come to depend on his expertise the field of social media marketing and web site development. Rick is a very unselfish person and has also taught me a lot about how to manage my own web site so I am not paying thousands of dollars to have someone else do it. Rick could keep this knowledge to himself and his guidance would be worth every penny. I enjoy working with him because he cares first about the client and helping them understand how things work if that’s what they want to know. I would recommend Rick for anyone wanting to grow their social media footprint and develop an effective web site.

Pete Gardner

Author, Psalmist Ministries

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