New Tech Advertising Now Offers Businesses Something Very Valuable For FREE?

We Would Love to Help You Claim Your “Google My Business” Listing!

No Obligation, Absolutely Free!


Why would we do that?

With all the digital marketing and advertising “scams” out there, sorting out accurate information

can be a very overwhelming adventure, not to mention the ever-changing nature of that information.

Of course, there are well intentioned local media sales reps just trying to make a living and are trained by their media to offer similar services. Yet their training is limited to only a few areas involved with digital advertising or marketing online


We will first prove the valuable support we can offer most any local business,

And want to do so even if you choose not to do business with us in the future!


Because there are so many business owners who’ve been taken in by so called “experts”

Only to be left abandoned wondering what happened to all the promises!

We Just want to prove there are still good people in the advertising industry!

We provide every client with high value and quality services at affordable prices that are honest, straight forward and most of all, effective for local businesses. We have have been doing so for the last 7 years as New Tech Advertising and owner, Rick Hesse has more than 30 years’ experience as a marketing professional online and offline with traditional media!

We’ve worked with local businesses of all sizes and industries, from startups, to large corporations.

Local business owners are paying us monthly to manage their websites, social media and create videos to reach new customers and build relationships around social connections targeted to their specific audience.


Introducing The “Google 3-Pack”

This is the future of local Business Google Searches…

Is Your Business Setup Correctly to Benefit Free from Google?

We decided to get in touch with you after running some tests involving local businesses in your area. Your business stood out, but not in a good way… We don’t want to waste your time and can’t go into the specifics here… Just know that your business is among the last few local businesses in your area without a claimed associated GMB listing. 

We Hope to Help You Claim and Optimize Your GMB Listing

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