10 things you need to do to correctly set up your business’s online digital marketing efforts!

Why? Because, in the long run they will make your life easier!

What do I mean?

Most business owners have not had the time to keep up with all the tools and strategies they need to use these days when marketing their business to find new customers while staying connected to their current and most valuable asset, their current customers!

Online digital marketing and advertising is one of the most complex tasks every business owner must keep up with these days.

Need Proof? 

Just think about the large companies who have closed their doors or reduced their number of locations in recent years. I don’t need to tell you it’s a lot, they’re in the news regularly!

Yet “local businesses” still thrive when they focus on their local customer base. My clients experience that everyday!

The “Shop online, pickup in store” mindset is growing consistently and those businesses who work with some version of that will continue to grow and it takes different forms for different businesses.

What that means is giving your customers what they want and WHEN they want it.

Now what does that mean?

It starts with working with your current customers and staying in touch with them using the social channels they are on and using consistent marketing campaigns along with a website that caters to their needs.

Providing prospect and customers with the information they are looking for, when they are looking for it and using the delivery methods, they want, will make all the difference and keep you ahead of the competition! (today that means informative videos)

These reasons are why New Tech Advertising offers the Builderall suite of tools.

But I didn’t stop there, I also offer the setup and support services you need to grow your business beyond the great tutorial videos they provide!

There are certain technical aspects that you don’t need to know or understand which I take care of for you. Once these are completed you will be up and running with the tools you need properly market your business in the ever-changing world of online advertising and marketing.

Every business needs to connect with prospects and customers consistently no matter what you provide or sell.

If you are a restaurant or the type of business that people purchase from every day or every week you should probably be posting on your website and social channels 1-3 times a day.

If you are a realtor or business that people only purchase from years apart you, you still need to communicate daily or at least several times a week.

But then some think why would I do that; won’t people get tired of my posts?

Not if you get creative!

If people don’t need to purchase from your business daily there are still a certain number of people who are in the market for what you provide every day, week or month. You want them to find your business WHEN they are searching for what you provide, right?

That’s how advertising has always worked

When broadcasting was the dominate form of advertising reaching as many people as possible was the only way to ensure a steady stream of customers for your business.

Now that “search” is the dominant form of reaching people it has all changed, yet many business owners still have not yet connected with the idea. And usually their website and social channels reveal if that is true.

Yet the formerly dominant media such as TV, radio and newspapers now offer what they resisted for many years. Many wrote it off as a “fad” in the early days, but that clearly that wasn’t the case because now they position themselves as “digital experts” while still trying to offer their “old-fashioned” form of advertising to preserve their revenues as much as possible.

I could provide a long list of statistics to prove my point, but I don’t think many people could argue or disprove what I am saying. Google it for yourself if you doubt me. Do a search for advertising trends comparing any media with digital advertising.

To summarize what I am saying:

  1. Every business needs to stay connected to its current customers using the social channels they prefer and a website that provides what people are searching for.
  2. Keep your website current to provide the search engine friendly content with what prospects and customers want to know about your business (don’t make it about you or how great your business is, but rather think “what’s in for them” and why they should choose your business)
  3. Use video to communicate your business messages
  4. Use creative advertising campaigns to stay connected to your customer base
  5. Be consistent in all marketing and advertising efforts.
  6. Be informative and provide info your customers are looking for when they are searching
  7. Learn where your customers are and what social channels they use
  8. Use the right tools to accomplish your marketing goals
  9. Do first things first by laying a proper foundation for your online marketing campaigns
  10. Work with someone who is experienced and puts your needs first

Advertising today is changing consistently as technology changes. Few are truly “experts” because most can only “specialize” in one aspect or another of online marketing.

Someone is always coming up with the latest “shiny widget” that works using the latest technologies and most do work. It is true “the money is in the niche”.

However, “niche thinking” can cause anyone to lose sight of the “big picture” and while focusing on whatever niche… they lose sight of the bigger picture that puts all the parts and pieces together for each type of business to lay a solid foundation to grow year after year.

I’ve always been a “big picture thinker”, but over the years have gotten distracted many times by this or that shiny widget.

As a former TV sales rep, it was my job to learn about as many different types of businesses as possible to understand their needs and sell them advertising. As the Internet evolved, I followed it very closely as I learned to do in my former job.

During those years I became confused and overwhelmed many times not knowing how, but sincerely desiring to help small business owners understand how to do marketing and advertising online.

Many times, I’ve overwhelmed and confused people trying to share what I’ve learned with local business owners. Most of the time I couldn’t clearly help them because I really didn’t know how to communicate what I’d learned.

Over the past few years I’ve developed in my knowledge and refined the “know how” to share with each business owner what they need to do first, second and so on to develop effective digital marketing strategies and advertising campaigns.

I now feel comfortable calling myself a “consultant” or “coach” because I am on my client’s side of the overwhelming knowledge about digital marketing and advertising. I only offer services tailored to my clients needs over my own needs to generate revenue, and its working.

While traditional forms of advertising scramble to offer many of the services I can offer, they lack the experience in knowing what to do first, second and so on to lay a proper foundation that will keep up with changes in the advertising industry.

They are playing “catch up” and mostly offer the latest “shiny widget” services the market dictates business owners currently want and need.

I now work from decades of experience of watching technology evolve and watching what has worked for both big and small businesses.

But my passion is small business owners because I’ve been one all my life and watched so many I’ve known and cared about go down the shiny widget road only to become burned out and frustrated.

I’ve seen so many spend money and be burned by “experts” who had some partial knowledge and many who paid those experts only be abandoned some where along the road.

These so-called experts have tarnished the reputations of those of us who genuinely desire to help small business owners, but many still lack the experience to really know how. They only know their favorite niche or have been trained to sell what they were taught.

Big picture thinking comes from years of experience and the ability to look back after seeing those niches come and go.

My suggestion for all business owners is to work with someone who has a well-rounded knowledge of online marketing and puts your business’s best interest first over their own profit.