I love Your Business! I Love Marketing and spent much of my life working with it!

Do You Love Your Business and especially marketing it?

If you have found yourself confused and overwhelmed by it all… Then I would love to chat with you!

Do you easily get sucked into the latest marketing method, idea or tool out there?

When it comes to marketing your business online, there are so many options. Too many, really.
What usually happens when the onslaught of advertising people calling on you are pushing the latest shiny widget; it causes a lot of people to bounce around. Shiny object syndrome is something we’ve all experienced. Eventually, it creates paralysis, and this is where I find many local business owners are at today.

My name is Rick Hesse and I own a digital marketing agency in North Iowa and one of my passions is teaching small local business owners how to better market their business online.

I started New Tech Advertising to ensure business owners get “setup” correctly to advertise digitally, and that has been my focus since 2012. However, as the Internet evolved it has become increasingly difficult to do that for most people.

I’ve been one who’s been overwhelmed and confused about the best ways to make it all work. However, I’ve also been one who has put in the effort and taken the time to study and learn what works and what doesn’t or may work for a short while, but then fizzles out over time.

I’m offering you one of two things, support services that do it for you, or I can teach you how to do it for yourself.
But, no matter which you choose, I want to make sure you lay the proper foundation for advertising your business online…

What do I mean?

In the beginning, “banner ads” or “printed ads” maybe with a color image were where it was at… more recent years have evolved into things such as landing or squeeze pages, sales funnels or software tools that over promise and under deliver. These are the things that I’ve watched work for a while, but then they lose steam over time.

Another factor as online digital advertising has evolved, the previously dominant traditional forms of media such as newspaper, TV and radio have lost millions in revenue forcing them to jump into online advertising.

So, what has happened now is those traditional media are offering digital services, while still trying to hold onto as much of their previous revenue stream as possible, setting up some conflicting opinions within the advertising industry leaving the small business owners to sort it out.

Who can blame them, I saw this coming over 20 years ago as a TV ad sales rep and even then, I had concerns about my own income.

Which is why I started New Tech Advertising over 7 years ago, yet I was studying these topics over 25 years ago.
So, what do I do differently for your business than all the others out there wanting a piece of your advertising budget?

I provide setup services first, because that is where I still find most business owners… wanting help to understand what is involved when they spend their money on digital advertising!

Many business owners still only work with one, or at best two parts of my proven 3-part method for laying a solid foundation to advertise their business online. Even fewer use the most important and effective delivery method of all time!

What do I mean?

Well many still think that having a nice website or Facebook page is enough when it comes to advertising online and many still cling to the old ways of traditional media.

Now I have always believed a mix of various mix of media is the best advertising strategy, but today knowing which to choose is very overwhelming and confusing for most business owners.

So, what is my 3-part method for advertising online?

A properly designed and optimize website and a strong social media presence along with using videos to present your message… it’s that simple, but not as easy to execute.

Let me explain, first I had to learn how to build quality websites, then came learning how to manipulate images so they looked good and fit the website (I now have a pet peeve when it comes to which direction to hold a camera when shooting a picture or video, ALWAYS hold it horizontal not vertically) if it’s not right, it doesn’t look good or professional and people today have great expectations of who they do business with and it most often starts with your website

I’ve spent decades learning and working with tools to help me do the job right and made it work for myself and others.
It all involves starting with your business presenting to Google and all the other “big data” companies out there what they require of every business… however the rules keep changing, so keeping up with the change is also a major factor.

Today the most effective way to do that is the foundation of what searching online now requires of businesses… and now it’s more than just the right “keywords or phrases”.

Today when people search for products or services to purchase, they expect to find what they are looking for… and they want to find it quickly and easily!

So, if your website AND social media presence is setup according to the rules you will more likely and easily appear somewhere in the listings for your local business. when it is combined with videos

Depending on your business type, competition and geographical location doing what is required can quickly yield results!

The most recent example has to do with what used to be called the Google 7 pack, which now, just this year became the Google 3-pack.

If you don’t know what that means, my website has more on the topic, and you’ll want to learn about it because it has affected your business whether you know it or not.

When it comes to online marketing I find mostly 2 types of business owners, those who are overwhelmed and confused wishing they had someone they trust who can help them do it right or those who like being creative and wish they could do it themselves, but lack the right tools for the job.

I like to think the later are called entrepreneurs, those who work with passion in their business to create something of value for their customers and they like being creative.

I am excited to now offer both types of business owners a solution!

Stay with me… For those who wish they had someone they could trust I offer nearly 40 years of experience as a business owner and over 25 years focused on learning the best ways to market a business online!

The past 7 years my full-time focus has been on creating services that business owners need to have done that most don’t have the time to learn or gain understanding of all the moving parts and pieces that make up successful digital advertising campaigns.

Which how I came up with what I call my 3-part method for long term digital advertising success!
Working with my local clients I have discovered what works when it comes to online advertising and what needs to be in place first to make it work.

While the Internet is full of the latest tools, tricks and tips on how to advertise or what’s the latest tool to use, I’ve been in the trenches proving it and if I hadn’t my clients would not keep paying me year after year.

I’ve tried hard how to figure out how to present what I do for small business owners, while trying not to overwhelm them, unfortunately it only worked with a few, as I can be an overwhelming personality to some. The problem is the sheer amount of knowledge required to put it all together.

Websites, Google, Facebook, Twitter and then came Pinterest, Instagram and Whatsapp… it has become unending, what will the next hot trend be that could divert our attention from what needs to be done first?

For many small and I mean small business owners affording to pay an agency has been out of reach, so I tried to make it affordable by not charging as much as I should. (which only left me broke) As I mentioned I know what its like to be a struggling small business owner and besides, I had to learn it first for myself.

But your business could benefit from my years of experience learning how to set things up the right way from the beginning and work WITH me and allow me to do it for you or you can at some point after setting you up take it over for yourself and manage your digital campaigns on your own.

Either way my first step is to make sure you have the right foundation for success first!

For those who want to do it themselves I now offer a complete set of tools to work with called Builderall… This company offers those who want to work with their own online marketing every tool you will need to setup, create and manage your digital marketing campaigns.
It is the best value for the small business owner on the Internet! However because I care about doing things the right way I will tell there might come a time when you could outgrow it, which is why I take a long term look at your business and goals before I make any recommendations.

Many times, I’ve said I care more about setting businesses up the right way than I do about getting paid. Now I’ve said that with the hope of a future pay day that never came because long term success is less recognized than short term success.
“Seeing the big picture” while not losing site of the small details is not easy and I’ve learned is an up and down journey, sometimes one is clear while the other is not, but with time and experience one sees and understands more of it all.

Which is why I continue to press on with a slow and steady less popular method of making sure business owners understand the what and why’s of digital advertising and why being setup the right ways matters.

It is also why I now offer two different options that will fit the needs of most every business there is… I have consulted with businesses of all sizes over my career and the learning goes both ways, I’ve learned from what large corporations do that works and what they may need, plus

I’ve worked with the small business owner who may work alone in his business.

If I work with your business, I will always start with first things first… First, I use tools that analyze what your business looks like to your customers and what digital advertising requires of you.

The software identifies strengths and weaknesses in your business’s digital presence so we can discuss areas that can be improved and the order in which to approach them, but with some things there is a specific order in which to complete them. (part of my “first things first approach”)

After the proper setup digital marketing is about creating connection and relationships… What’s next?
Do you know what kind of relationship you have with your market?

There are plenty of experts in your space that come and go, and the reality is no matter what market you’re in – you are swimming in a sea of noise and content.

How do you make sure your brand is the one standing out? How do you make sure YOUR brand is the one that lasts?
DISTINCTION is so important, which is why it is the next part of what I do. Because finding a uniqueness that allows you to stand out but doesn’t risk you hurting your content or sales is a tricky dance.

I seek long-term relationships with my clients as do you in your business, right? We all want and need to keep growing our businesses and that is always my focus with every business owner I work with.

Are you ready to chat about your digital marketing? Then let’s talk about your digital advertising and see if we can work together to improve your advertising results!

You can send me a message or make an old-fashioned phone call or easily schedule a time with me on my website calendar to discuss your business’s digital marketing needs.

Starting with a quality video to use on all your digital platforms.

Doing First Things First matters when it comes to Digital Advertising!