Welcome to your Local Marketing and Advertising Survey


What type of advertising do you currently use?

1 out of 9

What do you like/dislike about it most?

2 out of 9

What Digital Channels Do You Currently Use?

3 out of 9

Have You Done Paid Advertising Campaigns Online?

4 out of 9

How Often Do You Post New Content On Your Social Channels?

5 out of 9

Do You Have Someone Who Creates Content For Your Social Channels?

6 out of 9

If We Work Together What Type Of Support Do You Need Most?

7 out of 9

As A Place To Start We Offer A Free Report On Google My Business and How Your Website and Social Presence Looks to Your Customers and Search Engines. Would You Like To Start There?

8 out of 9

What is Your Biggest Frustration in Working With Online Advertising?

9 out of 9