A Proposal for Business Owners Do-It-Yourself Marketing

I have put together a plan that is a balance of what most business owners can comfortably learn/do for themselves (get started quickly with my guidance) and the “techie part” of what needs to be done for you.

In the beginning I will provide most of the setup work and show you what you will need to know about those things as we progress to help you get up to speed quickly.

After the initial setup we will transition into you being able to manage the content and campaigns for your business with less and less time invested on your part because with my support you will quickly learn to work with the tools and processes provided and it will become easier to manage over time.

I believe I have found a good solution that will allow you to manage all your marketing campaigns for your business online, you will be able to quickly and easily create the content, videos and images to make your business look professional online while using the “behind the scenes” strategies that are working today.

All the training and every tool you will need is included, this is a complete A to Z solution that will allow you to manage all your marketing and content creation yourself.

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However, to not “over sell” this solution I also researched the “cons” that are out there about this company before deciding to offer it to my clients and what I found was mostly differing opinions about their pay plan. (they do have an affiliate opportunity as well which is much of their company’s focus, not so much mine).

The other things I found were mostly varying opinions on the best ways to set things up with the backend, such as certain coding functions.

I’ve worked to ensure all the factors surrounding what you have time to do yourself are balanced with a price you can afford to pay, yet still be effective.

The limitations are that the software can be outgrown. However, I have confidence that this tool will work well into the future until if/when you decide to grow your  business to the next level, either online or with multiple physical locations. At that time a more robust solution may be required, but the business growth should help cover the costs of that transition. As with most software future updates may address these current concerns and make them a non-issue in the future.

I have used these tools myself and everything worked fine, are there better tools and companies? Of course, but they cost more and in most cases a lot more. However, I’ve not found a better tool for the price that pieces together everything a small business owner needs to manage their online marketing.

Similar options would involve using more than one company to get the same tools for a much higher price. They will have more features, functions, templates, etc. to work with, but for what small business owners need, this solution will meet them. When the time comes you need more functionality, I will support you in finding and setting up the more advanced tools you may need.

This solution I believe will provide ALL the tools you will need to market your business online from A to Z while providing easy access to training to show you how to use those tools and also teach you the processes that are essential to setting up your business correctly for advertising online to work best.

I will provide all the setup and hands on training you need to get you up to speed quickly on how to work with all the tools and the best steps to follow so you will be able to manage your website(s) and marketing campaigns as well.

My 90 days to a self-marketing plan for the small business owner

I will begin with optimizing your Google profile to help you rank in their new “Google 3-pack”. (A $399.00 value)

We will create 5 videos to qualify you to have a YouTube channel setup. (A $2499.00 value)

I will create cover images and optimizations for your website/social channels. (up to a $300.00 value)

10 hours of training over the next 90 days which will consist of online videos and live screen sharing sessions to guide you into how to use all the Builderall tools and the best order to use them in.  (A $500.00 value)

Total Value $3698.00

My goal is to support you to getting you to the place you can manage your website content and online advertising campaigns comfortably for yourself.

Builderall Monthly access $69.90 per month

New Tech Advertising Setup and Support – $900.00

Payment Schedule $300.00 per month