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My 3-part strategy has been proven to work for my local clients for more than 7 years. Plus I keep up on the latest techologies that will affect your business in the future, whether you know about it or not. My 30+ years of marketing experience has allowed me to see what has happened and what will likely happen in the future that could affect your business.

Local businesses marketing their products and services online has changed and businesses of all sizes have sometimes been slow to adapt and it cost many of them their entire business (think Toys r Us, Sears, Kmart, and many others)

This survey, along with other tools I use to diagnose what your business looks like to your customers and search engines. It will uncover marketing strengths and weakenesses about your marketing efforts that affect your long term results.

Having talked with many people who are frustrated, been ripped off and just plain overwhelmed when it comes to working with it all and figuring out where to advertise I’ve developed my 3-part marketing strategy for local business owners like you.

Let’s have a conversation about your onlinie marketing efforts and see if we can work togther to improve your results and maybe even reduce your budget overall.

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