Local Business Website Setup Basics

If you’re one who says “I don’t know much about websites or all that online stuff”… then this video is for you.

I cover the basics on how to choose the best domain name, setup a hosting account and then get your website built (or updated) without breaking the budget!

Then what you could/should be doing with it to make the investment worth while for your business. In the very least your website MUST provide the info people are searching for, WHEN they are searching for it. Customers no longer care if your having a “sale” or not, because someone is always having a sale!

The format with which your information is presented is critically important.

Will you use text, images or video to convey your message? The answer could make or break the success of your digital ad campaigns.

Your business website needs to provide reasons why people should do business with you over your competitors. For the under 50 crowd if you don’t have a business website, you’re not in business. And for those a little younger your website better be professional looking and grab their attention within seconds or they’ll move on the the next website, and you lose any opportunity to “connect” with them and turn them into your customer.

Your digital advertising campaigns should start on your website and then be “connected” to your social channels. Choosing which social channels to use is also critical to effective digital marketing campaigns and knowing which ones to choose is a very data intensive process that must be researched and worked through to understand and create cost effective advertising campaigns.

HOWEVER, it all begins with your business website setup the right way!

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